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The Joy Thieves is not a band that collaborates with others. The Joy Thieves IS the collaboration. Members include current, former, and touring members of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pigface, Marilyn Manson, Stabbing Westward, The Machines of Loving Grace, Skatenigs, Mary's Window, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Blue October, Ashes Divide, W.O.R.M., 16VOLT, 13MG, and more.

Created by a cast of over 30 musicians, The Thieves' surprisingly cohesive sound has led some members to describe it as something that was somehow created by “all of us. And yet...none of us.” That sound is raw, yet precise. Combative, but refined. Tribal, dark, and aggressive, but layered with haunting melodic harmonies. It is a sound that honors industrial music’s past, while quickly evolving it into the present.

The Joy Thieves. It is all of us. It is none of us.


2/21/20: Pre-sales for our new EP, A Blue Girl, have begun! The limited-edition CD digipack comes with a bonus track (a remix of our version of Cities In Dust, done by the one and only Julian Beeston of Nitzer Ebb, Cubanate, etc.) and 2 exclusive Joy Thieves vinyl stickers! Get your copy HERE!

2/1/20: Ravens released The Joy Thieves' remix of their song Like a Bomb, plus an accompanying lyric video....check it out right HERE.

1/27/20: Better late than never...ReGen Magazine just released a review of our debut EP, This Will Kill That. And it seems they had a lot of great things to say! You can check the review right HERE.

1/13/20: Today, ReGen Magazine took an in-depth look at Sleeping Partner; the latest musical offering from Joy Thief, Chris Connelly, and they had some great things to say. The album also features two remixes done by Joy Thieves founder, Dan Milligan. Check out the review HERE.

1/10/20: Riveting Music dropped a list of bands in 2019 that "captured" them, and it includes three Armalyte Industries bands: Cubanate, Der Prosector, and The Joy Thieves. (Along with bands such as KMFDM, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Rammstein, and more.) Check the whole list HERE.

12/26/19: Chicago Music Guide released their "best of 2019" playlist, and This Will Kill That found a way onto the list. Check out their "one hour, multi-genre music marathon" HERE.

12/20/19: Fresh off the heels of Joy Thief, Dan Milligan's appearance on the Sounds and Shadows podcast, they have released a list of their favorite albums of 2019...and our debut EP, This Will Kill That, made the cut. Check out the complete list HERE.

12/19/19: Well, last week our very own Dan Milligan had the chance to have a few drinks with Ken and Collin from Sounds and Shadows to talk about music....and they discussed everything from the humble beginnings of The Joy Thieves, to what newer bands/songs they've all been diggin' lately. If you're a fan of podcasts, check it out HERE.

12/9/19: The new issue of Devolution Magazine came out today, and the hard copies come with a free CD of new music, including a track from The Joy Thieves. Order your copy HERE.

12/8/19: Today, Machines With Human Skin released a new EP of remixes of their song, Awake, and it includes a remix by The Joy Thieves. You can pay what you want, but keep in mind that all proceeds will be split between the Oakland LGBTQ Center and Darkest Before Dawn! Stream and download HERE.

12/3/19: A Model Of Control included Chemical Dreams on their list of top 50 tracks of 2019. Click HERE for the complete list that also includes Drab Majesty, 3Teeth, Billie Eilish, Tool, and more.

12/1/19: Our remix of Glass Eyes by I Ya Toyah was featured on NPR's Sound Opinions this week. The full episode can be found HERE.

11/23/19: A while back Dan Milligan had a chance to chat with Michael J. Carrasquillo of Industrial Island about the Joy Thieves' humble beginnings. Check it out (along with some great industrial tunes) right here.

11/22/19: The lyric video for This Will Kill That (Treuhand Mix) by Howie Beno and Brandt Gassman is here. Check out the new video HERE, and if you're the kind who likes a little back story, HERE is a piece Dan Milligan wrote, explaining how the song came to be.

11/21/19: Up on YouTube today: This Will Kill That (Life In Greyscale Mix) by Dan Milligan and James Scott. Watch HERE, and download for free HERE.

11/20/19: Today's youtube upload is Joy Thieves (Hacked by i!) Watch HERE, and download for free HERE.

11/19/19: The countdown continues. Today's release on youtube is Honeycomb & Silk (Hollowed Be Thy Brain Mix.) Watch HERE, and download for free HERE.

11/18/19: The countdown to the release of the lyric video we made for This Will Kill That (Treuhand Mix) continues...and every day between now and then, we'll be posting another song from our Cities In Dust EP on YouTube. Today's song was remixed by a LEGEND in the music business. In addition to his own STELLAR projects like Black Needle Noise & Silver Ghost Shimmer, his name appears on albums by such iconic artists as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Yaz, Peter Murphy, Love & Rockets, Wire, Jesus Jones, Die Krupps, Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills, White Zombie/Sean Yseult, and many, many, MANY more. This is Joy Thieves (Psychic Dissent Mix), by the one and only John Fryer. This mix, and the entire Cities In Dust EP, is available as a free download HERE Go there. Download it for free. Then turn it up to 10 and introduce your neighbors to The Joy Thieves.

11/17/19: This Friday we will be releasing a special lyric video for This Will Kill That (Treuhand Mix), which was remixed by Howie Beno (Ministry, Depeche Mode, Black Asteroid, etc.) and Brandt Gassman. Each day between now and then, we'll be posting another song from our Cities In Dust EP on YouTube, starting with the title track, Cities In Dust. (If you haven't seen the ACTUAL video, you can check it out HERE.) And don't forget, the entire EP is available as a free download HERE.)

11/15/19: The video for the remix The Thieves did for I Ya Toyah's song Glass Eyes premiered today on The Spill Magazine. Check out the article HERE, or simply go to I Ya Toyah's youtube channel and watch it HERE.

11/11/19: Today, Joy Thief Chris Connelly released his brand new solo album, titled Sleeping Partner on Armalyte Industries. It features 9 new songs, along with two remixes by fellow Joy Thief, Dan Milligan. It is available HERE as a digital download, or a VERY limited-edition CD. You simply must check it out for yourself!


11/8/19: The Joy Thieves' remix of Glass Eyes by I Ya Toyah officially premiered on Devolution Magazine today. Read the story behind the release HERE, and then go download it for free at I Ya Toyah's Bandcamp page.

10/18/19: The video for Cities In Dust is out...and you can see it right HERE.

10/11/19: Thanks to Nickie Hobbs, and all of the lovely people at Devolution Magazine for exclusively premiering our new video for 'Cities in Dust.' Wanna check it out? It's available right HERE! And don't can still download the Cities In Dust EP for free at the Armalyte bandcamp page.

10/9/19: ReGen Magazine had some questions for The Joy Thieves, and we had some answers. The full interview is avilable HERE.


A brand new EP is a great excuse to sit down with our friend Megan Walters to talk. She had questions about the Cities In Dust EP, and drummer Dan Milligan & vocalist Ania Tarnowska (of I Ya Toyah) did their best to answer them. Read it HERE.

Thanks to Ken Magerman at Sounds and Shadows who was the first publication to review our brand new Cities In Dust EP. Read it HERE!

The Joy Thieves' Dan Milligan sat down with Brian Shamie of The Daily Herald and Chicago Sound Check to talk about all things "Cities In Dust." The full article can be found HERE

It's officially official..."Cities In Dust"is out today on Armalyte Industries! This 6-song, digital-only release features The Joy Thieves' version of the Siouxsie and the Banshees classic, Cities In Dust, as well as remixes of songs from This Will Kill That from legendary producers John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, White Zombie) and Howie Beno (Ministry, Depeche Mode, Black Asteroid). Cities In Dust is available as a FREE download right HERE.


Cities In Dust is coming. This 6-song EP Release date is Friday, October 4, and it will be coming out on Armalyte Industries.


We were asked to do a remix of the song Confession for <PIG>, and you can find it on their limited-edition Mobocracy EP...available only with the purchase of a VIP package for their Divine Descent tour!


Emily May at Rock All Photography Music Magazine recently sat down to talk to Joy Thieves founder Dan Milligan about the band...see the full interview RIGHT HERE.


Matthew Clark and Dan Milligan sat down with Alex Zander and Max Bravo at MKULTRASOUND Podcast to talk about The Joy Thieves...listen HERE, or watch the action HERE.



The good people at found This Will Kill That worthy of a song by song review...check it out HERE


"The Joy Thieves Put The 'Super' In Supergroup With Massive Line Up And Massively Impressive Debut EP, This Will Kill That" An EP review at


This Will Kill That is now out, and apparently there are some things you want to know about it. HERE are some of your questions, and answers.






Our brand new EP, Cities In Dust, is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD right HERE. This 6-song release includes The Joy Thieves' version of the Siouxsie and the Banshees classic, Cities In Dust, as well as remixes of songs from This Will Kill That. Remixers include legendary producers John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, White Zombie) and Howie Beno (Ministry, Depeche Mode, Black Asteroid).

​The Joy Thieves' debut EP, This Will Kill That, is available on Armalyte Industries. Digital downloads, standard CDs, and a deluxe limited-edition CD that includes unique artwork, extra songs, and a signed mini-poster are now available HERE.

Joy Thieves t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and more can be found HERE.

Remix Services

The Joy Thieves have been working on remixes for Chris Connelly, DROWND, <PIG>, Machines With Human Skin, I Ya Toyah, Ravens, and more. If you're an artist, or a label, who would like to inquire about a Joy Thieves remix of your song, contact

     "When he told me he wanted to do remixes for other artists, I said ‘Oh     

      REALLY?? Well, have at it!’ And I handed him a couple of the most abstract,

      non linear, perfectly arrangement-free pieces I had composed in recent years.

      A few days later I was stunned at what he had done. Without interfering with

      the completely nebulous, layered nature of the pieces, (‘Picassa’ & ‘The Sun Is

      A Maze’ from my forthcoming album ‘Sleeping Partner’) he brought a

      completely new dimension and drive to them, as if someone changed the

      lighting in a room strewn with artifacts and objects. Everything was still there,

      but the mood was enhanced, the shadows had changed, and the colours had

      deepened, and become more radiant. There was also more structure and

      space amongst the dense layers I had created.

      Clearly he has a head for this stuff, and he obviously LOVES a challenge. I look

      forward to challenging him again soon!”

      -Chris Connelly (solo artist/Fini Tribe/Revolting Cocks/Ministry/Pigface/Acid Horse/Murder,

        Inc./The Damage Manual/Cocksure). Remix available here.

​     "Dan put the <PIG> song Confession into the mangler, squeezed and teased

       and the life out of it, boiled its blood down to its essence...infected and

       injected it into its new steel skinned body...the Confession remix was risen.

       Fitter, faster and fatter." 


       -Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM ). Remix released on <PIG>'s limited-edition "Mobocracy"    

            EP...available exclusively with the purchase of a VIP package for their Divine Descent tour.


     “Great bloke – responsive, and high-end studio work! I loved the remix he did

       for my band, DROWND! Highly recommended! Thank you, Dan Milligan!”

       -Joe Crudgington (DROWND). Remix available here.

     “Dan is beyond talented. His creative approach to sound design, stellar work

       ethic, passionate attitude, and high standards are only some of the great

       qualities he represents. It was a pleasure to have him on board for my remix

       project! He transformed an existing song into an amalgam of musical vibes,

       elevating the original track to the next level of awesomeness.”

       -Ania Tarnowska (I Ya Toyah). Remix available here.


      “I hit up mixmaster Dan Milligan of The Joy Thieves to turn one of my recent

       songs 'The Imposter' into something completely different than what I

       originally came up with. I’m actually not sure what I was expecting once he

       agreed to it…I just wanted to see what would happen! I did give him the

       option to say no, but I was also really hoping he would say yes. because I

       heard his mix for Drownd and thought, 'I gotta get me some of that!'

       Given that my music is pretty heavily influenced by the 90s Chicago

       industrial/Wax Trax scene, I figured he would 'get' me, and I was right. He

       took my slightly-less-conventional, glitchy, snarly, unwieldy beast of a track

       and turned it into an industrial rock stomper. I’m a sucker for a huge, epic

       chorus in the veins of KMFDM/Sister Machine Gun/PIG and he latched right

       onto that and totally delivered. Forgive the pun but I’m overjoyed!”

       -Adrian Halo (Machines With Human Skin). Remix of "The Imposter" available soon. Remix of

​​       "Alone" available here.

      “Having Ravens’ song 'Like a Bomb' remixed by Dan and James of The Joy   

        Thieves was like giving the song a cooler older brother of itself. It's like an

        entirely new song which yields entirety new emotions. I always loved our

        version, but it is simply amazing what adding a few ears and minds to a song

        can do. 'Like a Bomb' got even more explosive! Thanks Dan and James, for

        giving 'Like A Bomb' a dose of your glorious selves. It is so appreciated and

        we can’t wait to share it, and even do a video for it.”

       -Eric Liljehorn (Ravens). Remix available soon. Video here.



        “Dan was able to reimagine ‘Like a Bomb’ in a way that was completely

        unexpected and totally fresh. The drums sound explosive and the re-thought

        guitar sounds and entrances really provided some stellar dynamics. The re-

        arrangement of the outro vocals was nothing short of genius.”

        -Dee J Nelson (Ravens). Remix available soon. Video here.

"Working with Dan was an absolute pleasure. There is something very intimate and vulnerable about handing off your work to be remixed. You are trusting in someone else's vision. Dan surpassed my greatest hope's and expectations. He is talented and imaginative. I cant recommend working with him highly enough."


Scott-David Allen (A Covenant of Thorns). Remix available soon.